The institute has a research centre (Centre of Relevance and Excellence) which helps in augmenting the academic growth of the students and faculty. The R&D facility has projects from NSTL for a tune of 30 lakhs which have helped students receive hands on experience. The institute always encourages both the students and staff to come out with their innovative ideas and assists to bring them to practicality in consultation with the experts in relevant fields. The institution has MOU`s with various industries to educate the staff and students with recent developments in technology. Various workshops, seminars are conducted in collaboration with the industries to keep the students abreast with the recent developments in technology. Research papers are published by the staff in various conferences and in standard national and international journals. Books on ‘Engineering Drawing’ and ‘Theory of Machines’ were published by the faculty of this college.

To support and accomplish the vision of our Management the college has highly qualified Faculty members and many of them are Ph.D. holders and are active in research.  More than 20% of the Faculty members are currently pursuing research. Conferences and Faculty Development Programmes are frequently organized to exchange ideas and to bring together active researchers.  There is a strong support by Management enabling the publication of a number of Research papers by both Faculty and Students. The institute has a well formulated research committee with senior professors and experienced faculty members. Each department has constituted specialized research group consisting of faculty members and students to inculcate the culture of research in the department.

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