The Civil Engineering Department at Miracle Educational Society had organized a one-day industrial visit to Miracle Metals Pvt. Ltd, Gambheeram Dam & Gambheeram Water Treatment Plant, and Amaravathi AAC Bricks as a part of industrial training to the students. The students were able to gain practical exposure with a better understanding of the overall functioning of various equipment used in the working process of these industries.

The students got exposure to various types of aggregates and equipment used at Miracle Metals Pvt. Ltd. This equipment is used for crushing the stones into aggregates of various sizes including  10mm, 20mm, and 40 mm. The students also gained practical knowledge on the working principle of the crusher dust that is available in the industry.

Later, our students visited Amaravathi AAC Bricks which had an advanced and modern technology of preparing the bricks. The students were able to gain good practical exposure to the working process of manufacturing the bricks which included mixing and compressing cement, sand, and stone dust together in an appropriate ratio

After the brick manufacturing industry, MES students visited Gambheeram Dam and Water Treatment Plant which is located near the dam. Mr.K.Durga Prasad guided the students and explained to them the overall process of water purification in the dam. He walked through various processes which included discussion on the Manual Operation of Dam Gates, Abutments, Flood Levels, Artesian Wells, UpStream Side, and Down Streamside of the dam.

Overall, the industrial visit was a very knowledgeable one as the students enjoyed every moment while learning many new concepts that would help enhance their skills in the future.

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