We have a Digital Auditorium that can play host for over 500 people, and it is a home for conferences, workshops, and seminars. It is a vast space that serves varied requirements of quality learning and entertainment, where we organize – guest lectures, seminars, fest, cultural activities, felicitations, and other events. It is well-equipped with features like a digital disco lighting system, led lighting, digital projector, surround sound system for a theatrical experience, a dining hall, exits, and washrooms.


We have a spacious Playground for the students and faculty to conduct all the recreational activities. “Play to win, but keep enjoying the game” is the motive we spread among our students that binds the sportive spirit in them. We have different play areas according to the sport, like cricket, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, and many more.

NameNo of Courts/ItemsArea (in sq.mts)
Cricket Practice Net1-
Cricket Ground112,864
Volleyball Courts5810
Basketball Courts1420
Tennis Courts2522.25
Shuttle Courts2163.48
Kabaddi Courts2260
Kho-kho Courts1432
Running track (100m, 200m, 400m, 4X400m)14,340
Long jump135
Tennikoit Courts167.1
Shot-put1Open Ground Available
Javelin Throw2Open Ground Available
Chess Boards4-
Carrom Boards5-
Table Tennis28.4

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