About M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering:

The Master’s Degree program offers advanced concepts in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. It has always been one of the most demanding specializations in engineering that provides a wide career scope for the students. This specialization has high demand in various government and non-government organizations.

M.Tech in CSE is a two-year (4 Semesters) course that is affiliated with JNTUK and approved by AICTE. It is assisted by some very highly qualified and experienced professors who deal with subjects like Computer Graphics, Computer Networks, Information Technology, Soft Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. This program started in 2013 with an intake of 18 students. The institution has a separate block for the CSE Department with spacious classrooms and laboratories that are equipped with modern equipment to impart practical knowledge to students.

Students are given a deep insight into the Advanced level of Computer Science and problem-solving techniques with this program. It is well supported by,

  • Highly qualified and dedicated faculty
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • Industrial training and guest lectures by experts

Department Objective: 

  • To carry out projects and demonstrate design, analysis, and programming skills to solve problems in the rapidly changing computer science domain
  • Be innovative and creative through lifelong learning; demonstrate analytical and research capabilities in the field of CSE
  • Engage in multidisciplinary projects and excel as socially committed engineers with integrity and empathy
  • Demonstrate professionalism, and team spirit, and remain continuously employable

About M.Tech VLSI & Embedded Systems:

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering started M.Tech in VLSI & Embedded System in 2021 which is a 2 years PG course.

The main aim is to develop knowledge and skills in VLSI design methodology with a systems perspective to facilitate the use of computer-aided design tools for the analysis and design of special-purpose digital and analog circuits and systems. The course includes learning the basic principles of CMOS VLSI design flow and designing and fabricating the state-of-the-art VLSI chips for industrial requirements.

The practical knowledge will let your skills develop both in frontend and backend designing, verification, and testing. The program also offers strong knowledge and practical skills in developing embedded solutions on varied platforms such as FPGA, Advanced microcontrollers, and processors. Students learn to implement real-time embedded systems.

Department Objective:

The main objective is to produce world-class professionals with a wide knowledge of the latest technologies and to enhance the skills in designing VLSI & Embedded Systems to match the ever-increasing demand for cutting-edge technology. This program aims to prepare students for leading edge positions in industry in the areas of VLSI & Embedded Systems.

About M. Tech Structural Engineering:

The Department of Civil Engineering is offering M. Tech in Structural Engineering, which is a 2-year post-graduate program, with an intake of 18. A core specialization in Civil Engineering, the field is expected to grow further as there is an increasing demand for specialists in Structural Engineering. This course combines the design of the concrete structure, the learning of sophisticated materials & examining structures for dynamic forces. Structural engineers often specialize in areas such as the engineering of bridges, buildings, pipelines, industrial structures, and mechanical structures such as vehicles, ships, or aircraft.

As the construction industry is prospering, there is a growth in infrastructure requirements throughout the country. This stream deals with major areas such as advanced structural mechanics, finite element analysis, structural dynamics, structural stability, structural reliability, structural optimization, reinforced and prestressed concrete, steel structures and bridges, tall buildings, and towers.

Department Objective: 

The Department has an objective to produce quality engineers to meet the ever-growing need for technical manpower in the Civil Engineering field. This program is intended for students and industry professionals seeking to advance their careers and prepare for the challenges of research. Also, it aims to develop young civil engineering professionals who are creative and can contribute to the building of society and the nation.

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