Two-Day National Workshop on Generative AI and Cyber Security

Two-Day National Workshop on Generative AI and Cyber Security

Miracle Educational Society has conducted a workshop on Generative AI & Cyber Security in association with Indian Servers from April 3rd to 4th, 2024. The inaugural ceremony commenced with a welcome speech from Mrs. K Madhuri, Assistant Professor of CSE, followed by a keynote initiated by Dr. P Sujatha, HoD, AI & DS. Mr. G Rajasekharam, Head of CSE, emphasized the significance of Next Generation AI & Cyber Security in modern times, while Dr. B Sreenivasa Rao, the Dean, highlighted the necessity of hands-on training in cutting-edge technologies for industry competency. Dr. A. Arjuna Rao, Principal & Director, elaborated on the relevance of software technologies in daily activities and the career prospects in emerging fields like ChatGPT.


The workshop, attended by CSE, AI & DS, and MCA students, began with Mr. D Sai Satish, CEO of Indian Servers, providing insights into Generative AI and Cyber Security. The sessions are tailored to cater the participants with diverse levels of expertise in AI, fostering an inclusive environment. The latter part of the workshop intended to provide exposure to the world of Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security. Mr. Sai Satish exposed students to technical nuances such as Web Application Attacks, Mobile Hacks, Wireless Attacks, Data Recovery, and Cyber Laws and Security, helping them gain deep knowledge of the vulnerabilities available and the skills to tackle them.


The department of CSE signed an MOU with AIMERS (Artificial Intelligence Medical & Engineering Researchers Society) to further industry-academic relationships for mutual benefit and offer programs of mutual interest agreed upon by both parties. 


The workshop was concluded by facilitating the speaker and thanking the Management, Principal, Dean, HODs, Faculties, Non-teaching staff, and students for their support in making the event a grand success. Additionally, students were awarded “Certificates of Participation”, recognizing their commitment to enhancing their knowledge. The session wrapped up with a vote of thanks from Mr. N Mahendra, HOD of MCA, followed by the national anthem, marking the end of a highly informative and engaging workshop.

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