Please check the Fee structure of individual courses for the year 2020

Course NameDepartmentIntakeYearly Amount

Duration: 4 years

CSE120₹ 43,700
ECE90₹ 43,700
EEE60₹ 43,700
CIVIL60₹ 43,700
MECH120₹ 43,700
Course NameDepartmentIntakeYearly Amount

Duration: 2 years

Human Resources60₹ 30,000
Finance & Marketing60₹ 30,000

Duration: 2 years

Embedded Systems18₹ 57,000
Computer Science18₹ 57,000
Course NameIntakeYearly Amount

Duration: 3 years

120₹ 30,000

Note: The above fee structure includes only tuition fees and may be subjected to change. For more information kindly contact the admin cell.