Civil Students Club – RACE:

Royal Association of Civil Engineering (RACE) is more than an organization and not less than a revolution which paints our college name on the walls of fame. The association enables the all-round enhancement of each student from the stage RACE.

Club In-charge: Mr. D V V Satyanarayana

EEE Students Club – SPARK:

Students Pertaining Attitude over Resistivity of Knowledge (SPARK). The main motive behind the establishment of this association is to inculcate scientific temperature, Problem-solving abilities, and communication skills among the students to meet the new global challenges.

Club In-charge: Mr. B V Ramana Guptaji

MECH Students Club – AWESOME:

The Department of Mechanical Engineering strives to ensure quality education as a leader in education by continuously improving academic inputs and educational excellence.

Club In-charge: Mr. P Timothi

ECE Students Club – IETE Student Form:

It is a professional student association that encourages and motivates the students outside the classroom workshop and projects. It Introduces the emerging technologies and opportunities to the members.

Club In-charge: Prof. B. Ratna Raju

MBA Students Club – ZEMS:

Zems is a management forum for MBA Students to refine their skills in the field of finance, human resource, and marketing management. In this association, the students organize, conduct, and deliver seminars.

Club In-charge: Mr. Hussain Shaik

MCA Students Club – MARVELS:

The association enables the all-round enhancement of every student, from the stage of MARVELS.

Club In-charge:  Mr. P Durga Prasad

CSE Students Club – C Cube:

It is an organization that discusses recent revolutionary trends in the IT sector.

Club In-charge:  Mr. S Sridhar

BS&H – E-plus Club:

The Center for Hindu E Plus was established at MESG. It is a premier center offering excellent training in English language and Personality development to students. It also helps in imparting requisite skills and knowledge to its participants.

Club In-charge: Mr. N Satya Narayana

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